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Based in Chester County in the suburbs of Philadelphia and the Tri-State area, HiFive Tutors was founded in early 2017 to aid the Chester County MathCounts organization in raising money and providing a personalized secondary mathematics curriculum for the students in the area. Additionally, HiFive Tutors works to connect clients from around the world with tutors to deliver online lessons. Since 2017, we have expanded greatly, organizing educational seminars and workshops, as well as providing funding and resources for the operations of other nonprofits. In doing so, we increase the exposure of these institutions and spread awareness to their missions. HiFive’s efforts help students in blossoming their talents while benefiting nonprofits as well.


As communities in the Chester County area have grown alongside middle school competitions, the shortfall of constructive instruction to guide students towards success has also magnified. HiFive Tutors builds off of the Chester County area’s abundant high school talent and ambition to play a central role in filling that gap. HiFive seeks to introduce a course of study through specialized modules for development. We also strive for greater equity by introducing students from diverse backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses to our curriculum and to the opportunities available for everyone.

Meanwhile, we aim to increase the presence of nonprofits in the community and spread awareness to their causes and operations through our seminars and workshops. HiFive is well-positioned to secure funding and human capital for any nonprofit that requires support. We understand the immense pressure that organizations are under and we will come forward to address their needs.


MathCounts and AMC 8 Track
We help middle schoolers develop their problem solving skills needed for MathCounts from an early age so that they can advance in Chapter, State, and National competitions. We use hand crafted problem sets in the four major areas of competition math: Algebra, Combinatorics, Geometry, and Number Theory.
AMC 10, 12, and Beyond Track
Students who register for this class will participate in more intermediate to advanced problem solving, with focuses on time management, strategies for test taking, and individualized learning to focus on specific areas of development. This course will develop the skills needed to succeed on the AMC 10, AMC 12, AIME, ARML, etc.
School Course Track
With experience in various subjects in domains such as Literature, Math, Science, History, etc, our tutors will help students succeed in their classes, whether it be AP, Honors, Accelerated, or On-Level.
Standardized Testing Track
Our tutors will help students in their standardized taking, discussing strategies, doing practice problems, and giving them the needed encouragement and advice to triumph in their standardized testing, whether it be SATs, PSATs, SAT Subject Tests, APs, or middle school level tests.


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